Veteran Benefits Australia Funded Programs

Veteran Benefits Australia Funded Programs

Veteran Benefits Australia Funded Programs

Nexus wants to inform you of a few fully funded services that you may be eligible for that you may of not known about. Many of these services are back to the good old ways with face to face consultations and in person sessions available with some services still offering Telehealth consultations to those who do not want to or are unable to leave the home. All in person services follow COVID safe guidelines to ensure both yourself and the community remain safe.

1- Mindfulness Programs
2- Fully Funded Exercise Programs
3- An Occupational Therapist (OT) assessment
4- Hands on Physiotherapy

All services are available for DVA Gold and eligible White card holders only. If you think that you are eligible for a gold or white card then click here to find out more information

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Veteran Exercise Programs
Get on your path the a healthier routine with a fully funded exercise program by exercise physiologists.

Fully Funded Nutrition Plans
Get your nutrition on track with dietitian home visits

Veteran Mental Health Programs
Find your inner peace and clarity and get the assistance you need with depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Veteran Home Cleaning Services
Need some help around the home? Simply click the link and we will help find your eligibility and help you apply for fully funded home services like cleaning.

Fully Funded Physiotherapy
Overcome injuries and repair your body with fully funded physiotherapy services.

Veteran Medication Management
Get assistance you need with managing your medication and taking all your medications on time with our easy to use medication packs. Click here and a pharmacist will get in touch with you to discuss how they can help.

Veteran Dental Work
If you are DVA Gold card holder you can claim fully funded dental services.