Resources for Today's Vets

Creating a new approach to transition for professional and personal change that supports and enables veterans in the modern world.

NEXUS promotes, explores and otherwise helps the new generation of veterans through a blend of regularly convened activities that focus on personal and business growth opportunities.

The core concept is that to grow in whatever direction their (the Veterans) needs are to promote a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy attitude.  

This idea, sponsored by the association with Victorian RSL Sub branches recognizes the importance of having some local flavor to veteran support initiatives while drawing on other successful models and examples from the broader ex-service community and current serving members. The point of difference for NEXUS is that it is innovative, encouraging veteran participation in business concepts and business development from a supportive contemporary team environment.


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Psychiatrist:To find local assistance, enter postcode. select experience in and select Military and Veterans from has experience with and click Search


Advocate Register: Click the button below to search for local advocates. (Please note this service is not run by Nexus but is available to be used).


Recent Activities

By nexus / 19/02/2020

Mustangs Ice Hockey

Nexus has been joined by Melbourne Mustangs in supporting veterans. Tickets for home games available for veterans and serving members....

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By nexus / 13/02/2020


The Melbourne Cricket Club was founded on November 15, 1838 when five men - Frederick Powlett, Robert Russell, George B....

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By nexus / 10/02/2020

VFL Sandringham FC

FREE season Passes available for Nexus members The Sandringham Football Club has a long, proud and successful history in the...

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By nexus / 10/02/2020

Barefoot Bowls

FREE activity coming to a Sunday afternoon soon Murrumbeena Park Bowls Club – Barefoot Bowls Melbourne Barefoot Bowls Come and...

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By nexus / 07/02/2020

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By nexus / 06/02/2020

Melissa cakes and coffee

Coffee catch up 6 Mar 2020 at 5pm FROM BERT NEWTON TO INXS…. Melissa quickly became a ‘Hive’ of activity,...

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By nexus / 05/02/2020

River cruise

Bonus event. Attend our Vets in the park BBQ and receive 1 entry for the monthly cruise. Attend both BBQ's...

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By nexus / 31/01/2020

Goanna Technology

Goanna Solutions is an Indigenous Australian-owned enterprise providing clients with an array of innovative, secure and intuitive technology solutions including software...

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Fun, Health
By nexus / 27/01/2020

Luna Park Melbourne

Free family passes for Nexus members. Pick up at vets in the park. Luna Park has joined Nexus with family...

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By nexus / 27/01/2020

Brighton Bath’s

WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY Free passes for full access available for Nexus members. Pickup from vets in the park. For...

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