New activities. The Break.

New activities. The Break.

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The Break focuses on finding gaps in social services, researching world best practice support methods, seeking to enhance these methods, and then implementing these better-than-best practice methods. This has grown since our inception in February 2018 to 36 different project areas and 300 volunteers supporting this mission. We do everything from supporting youth descending into the justice system to find more prosocial hobbies, to mental health supports, right through to assisting the elderly to be immortalised in print (see No Snowflake 1 memoir on We run regular walks (with games), kayak trips, anger management classes, relapse prevention classes, offer case management & counselling, video projects to promote struggling artists, and develop pitches to the government to resolve issues currently that could be better managed.

We currently have funding to get the veteran community into prosocial hobbies like social kayaking, walks in nature, mindfulness, therapeutic arts, picnics, even DnD with/without their kids, etc. We either run this as a veteran-only undertaking, or allow vets to bring family/friends, or even just have vets mix with the community to build networks outside their immediate circle. Our activities are all free. We operate on the FEPSIA model, meaning all we do must be Fun, Emotionally and Physically Safe, Inclusive, and Accessible. We are run by an ex-126 sigs member, so have a special interest in supporting vets.

Royal Commission Legal Aid

Royal Commission Legal Aid

We give free legal support

We are a free national service that provides independent information and legal advice to support Australian Defence Force personnel and veterans, as well as their families, carers and supporters, to safely share their experiences with the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide.

We are independent and separate from the Royal Commission, the Department of Defence, and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

We can help you understand your legal rights and options for sharing your experiences with the Royal Commission. We can also connect you with other services, including free counselling.

Call us on 1800 33 1800

DVA funded 12 mth health and fitness program – Heart Health Program – Registrations Open

DVA funded 12 mth health and fitness program – Heart Health Program – Registrations Open

DVA Heart Health Program for Returned Veterans & Peacekeepers & those covered by the ADF Firefighters Scheme

12 Months of Telephonic Health coaching

Gym or Pool membership assistance available

Did you know the DVA provides a free 12-month health and fitness program that can be delivered to returned Veterans and peacekeepers with operational service and those covered by the ADF firefighters scheme anywhere in the country.  The program is flexible and able to accommodate participants living in metropolitan areas, regional or remote areas, those still working or retired, studying or with other time constraints. Run on behalf of the DVA by Corporate Health Management the program aims to help you increase your physical health and wellbeing through practical exercise support and 12 months of health coaching and advice on healthy lifestyle choices provided by one of our team of highly qualified allied health professionals.

Am I eligible?

Started 20 years ago for those returned from Vietnam, the Heart Health Program is free and now open to all returned veterans and peacekeepers with operational service and those covered by the ADF Firefighters Scheme who have not previously done the Heart Health Program before. To check your eligibility visit

Individual Heart Health Program – How it works

Each participant receives 12 months of healthy lifestyle coaching from a highly qualified and dedicated allied health professional via fortnightly health coaching calls with information and advice tailored to each individuals health and fitness goals.  The health coach will use their extensive knowledge along with health surveys and food diaries to guide you through the program. The program covers a range of topics including:

  • setting healthy goals
  • nutrition and diet advice
  • advice on lowering alcohol consumption
  • developing better sleep patterns
  • stress management
  • managing diabetes
  • taking care of your body
  • managing your weight
  • and maintaining a healthy heart

Program Exercise Resource – Exercise how you like to

The program can provide an exercise resource to help participants to exercise the way they like to or provide an opportunity to try something that’s different than the usual. Resources can take the form of:

  • Assistance with the cost of a gym or pool membership or
  • Provide a piece of exercise equipment for use at home or
  • Provide assistance with accessing new exercise or training gear

Registering Your Interest

Registering your interest or checking eligibility is easy. Simply visit and follow the steps. Or please call the program phone number 1300 246 262 at any time to speak to one of our team.

Kind regards

Heart Health Team – DVA Heart Health Program

Program proudly delivered on behalf of the DVA by:

CHM Corporate Health Management Pty Ltd

Toorak Place, 521 – 529 Toorak Road, Toorak VIC 3142

Direct: 1300 246 262



Living Culture

Living Culture

    Upcoming Guided Walks: October 2022  
Sun, Oct 9 – Baldrys Crossing  – 10:00am – 12:00pm – Guide: Sean Moyle

For information regarding COVID guidelines for Tourism Victoria, please follow the link below:   

Please click below for further details and to make your booking.  

Living Culture Tour Calendar (

Living Culture Ltd is a non-profit organisation based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia providing Indigenous Educational programs and healing meditation sessions, including guided walks and talks, sharing knowledge of traditional bush tucker and medicinal plants,  Yidaki led meditation and sound healing, cultural workshops and traditional art making. Guided walks and Meditation healing sessions take place in a variety of stunning locations, both coastal and bush settings of indigenous significance and abundance of native fauna and flora.

iFLY Melbourne Memberships

iFLY Melbourne Memberships

Flyers of All Ages

You can. So can anyone you’d like to bring with you. We offer a safe, fun, and overall awesome experience for all flyers.

  • Flyers can be as young as 3 years old.
  • Ages 17 and below need a parent or guardian to sign their waiver.
  • There is no upper age limit to fly. Even people over 100 have flown with iFLY!

iFLY has joined with Nexus with a limited number of 50% memberships. Contact David on 0400144840 for details,

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Brighton Baths Day Passes Available Now

Brighton Baths Day Passes Available Now


Limited Free passes for full access available for Nexus members. Contact David on 0400 144 540 to obtain.

For over 136 years the Brighton Baths has been an iconic epicenter for local recreation in Melbourne – a place where people came to experience a sense of community. The Brighton Baths have outlasted 29 prime ministers, survived 2 world wars, and are one of only two remaining sea baths in all of Victoria. Community values are still at the heart of everything we do; however, the Brighton Baths have transmuted from a swim club into an all-inclusive, one-of-a-kind destination for Fitness, Lifestyle, and Wellbeing.

  • Monday – Thursday : 5.30am – 9pm
  • Friday : 5.30am – 7pm
  • Saturday : 6:00am – 6pm
  • Sunday : 7.00am – 6pm
  • Public Holidays : 8:00am – 4pm *weather dependent and may be extended during good weather
  • Christmas & Good Friday : Closed
  • Spring/Summer : Sat & Sun until 6pm
5 Ways to Help Military Families in Your Community

5 Ways to Help Military Families in Your Community

Military families often need help from their friends and neighbors. Perhaps one of your friends was recently deployed as an active service member, or maybe your neighbor’s husband is currently serving abroad. You might also have veteran friends who are trying to figure out their next steps. If you need to access helpful resources for veterans, you can turn to NEXUS. In addition, here are a few things you can do if you want to go the extra mile for military families in your area.

Help With Home Loans

Do you know any veterans who want to become homeowners? Navigating the housing market and home loan process can be tough. Thankfully, lenders do have special programs for veterans that can help them buy property more easily.

For instance, while the United States has a VA loan program that enables veterans to purchase property with no down payment or mortgage insurance, Australia has three home loan subsidy schemes for qualifying veterans. Veterans are eligible for a particular scheme based on when they served. You can help your loved one figure out which scheme they can access and set up an appointment with a lender. This will allow them to make the smartest financial decisions on their path to homeownership.

Find Medical Resources

Many veterans deal with mental health conditions or physical health issues after their service. Sometimes, they don’t know where to go in order to get the treatments they need. If you’re familiar with healthcare options for veterans, you can point your friends in the right direction. For example, you could recommend a therapist who treats PTSD, or you could talk to them about getting the appropriate compensation from the DVA for impairment or disabilities sustained during their service.

Send Care Packages

Do you know anyone who is serving overseas right now? Chances are, they would appreciate a thoughtful care package! Receiving a surprise care package can definitely brighten a soldier’s day. You don’t need to wait until the holidays to send one, either – you can put together a care package at any time. If you’re short on ideas for what to put in your care package, Soldiers’ Angels recommends sending individually wrapped snacks, toiletries, books, or DVDs. You could also include a personal note!

Offer to Babysit

Do you know anyone who is raising children while their military spouse serves outside of the country? It can be very difficult to manage childcare in a situation like this. If you have a close friend or neighbor who is raising their kids on their own while their spouse is deployed, you could offer to babysit.

Hire Veterans

Business owners can make it a point to hire veterans. Some business owners worry that hiring veterans would be risky, but military service can teach very valuable skills, and veteran employees bring a lot to the table. Vertical Scope states that many veterans possess transferable skills for various private and public sector industries, including logistics, education, and engineering. Furthermore, service members receive ongoing training throughout their time in the military, so they are continuously upskilling. Finally, veterans are accustomed to working as members of a team. They’re adept at working towards larger goals and communicating with others across different roles and departments. 

Military life brings many challenges. Whether you know a service member, military spouse, or veteran who needs help, there are plenty of ways you can lend a hand. With these tips, you can step in when you meet service members, veterans, and their families who are struggling.

Seeking resources for the veterans in your life? Find the services your loved ones need through NEXUS. Get in touch through the contact form on our website to learn more.

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