4WD Adventures

4WD Adventures

The Blue Green Crew

Need to get away? Change of scenery?

A new and exciting project, The Blue Green Crew, has been approved for all members of The Australian Defence Force, Victorian Police, Australian Federal Police and Ambulance Victoria, who may be struggling with life’s little hurdles to get away and enjoy some time relaxing on a drive or camping trip with the Victorian Police 4wd club.

The Victorian Police 4wd club conducts 4wd trips around Victoria and on occasions interstate. The project has been set up to give past and present members of The Australian Defence Force, Victorian Police, Australian Federal Police and Ambulance Victoria a chance to get some breathing space, share a laugh and have some fun away from all the stressors of life.

– No need for camping gear, we supply it all for you
– No need for a 4wd, just grab a front seat with one of the members and enjoy the serenity and fun of it all.

All referrals and participants are kept completely confidential. And its free for all members past and present to take part in.

For further information or to refer someone to the project please contact the project coordinator

Marcus Nash

Nexus Pool Night

Nexus Pool Night

Come Play pool have a drink and make friends.

Pool is a popular game that is played all over the world by millions of people. However, there are many different varieties of the game, all with distinctly different rules and regulations. By far, the most popular forms of the game are the ones that originated in the USA, known as ‘eight-ball’ and ‘nine-ball’ pool.

Both are played on a normal sized pool table with the regulation six pockets and both have multiple championships around the world. However, it is eight-ball that is the more common game – the one you’ll most likely see being played at your local pool hall and the one that most people first think of when the word pool is mentioned.

Eight-ball pool can be played as a singles or doubles game and is played with cues and 16 balls, 15 object balls, and one cue ball (the ball the players strike to try and hit the other balls). Pool can be a relatively high-speed game compared to its close relatives snooker and billiards but that makes it no less skilful with players requiring a high degree of skill, concentration, and tactical thinking to play the game at a high level

Luna Park Melbourne

Luna Park Melbourne

Melbourne’s Luna Park is a historic amusement park located on the foreshore of Port Phillip Bay in St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria. It opened on 13 December 1912, with a formal opening a week later, and has been operating almost continuously ever since