Resources for Today's Vets

Creating a new approach to transition for professional and personal change that supports and enables veterans in the modern world.

NEXUS promotes, explores and otherwise helps the new generation of veterans through a blend of regularly convened activities that focus on personal and business growth opportunities.

The core concept is that to grow in whatever direction their (the Veterans) needs are to promote a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy attitude.  

This idea, recognizes the importance of having some local flavor to veteran support initiatives while drawing on other successful models and examples from the broader ex-service community and current serving members. The point of difference for NEXUS is that it is innovative, encouraging veteran participation in business concepts and social development from a supportive contemporary team environment.


Find assistance

Psychiatrist: To find local assistance, enter postcode. select experience in and select Military and Veterans from has experience with and click Search.


Nexus during this covid crisis has listed support and contact numbers for a range of Mental Health agencies both for Veterans and family members.

Support for veterans.

This is a new support option for veterans to get help and to talk to someone when in need.

Get support to manage anxiety, depression or stress (


Advocate Register: Click the button below to search for local advocates. (Please note this service is not run by Nexus but is available to be used)


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Recent Activities

5 Ways to Help Military Families in Your Community
By nexus / 12/01/2022

5 Ways to Help Military Families in Your Community

Military families often need help from their friends and neighbors. Perhaps one of your friends was recently deployed as an...

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Veteran Benefits Australia Funded Programs
By nexus / 29/10/2021

Veteran Benefits Australia Funded Programs

Nexus wants to inform you of a few fully funded services that you may be eligible for that you may...

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Dietician home visits.
By nexus / 23/06/2021

Dietician home visits.

Want to improve your health and wellbeing? At Fuel Your Life our Accredited Dietitians provide individualised nutritional programs, disease prevention...

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