River cruise

River cruise

River cruise

Bonus event. Attend our Vets in the park BBQ and receive 1 entry for the monthly cruise. Attend both BBQ’s and get 2 entries. One Nexus member or partner will be choosen from either BBQ’s for the cruise.*

* Tickets are for the veteran / serving member and partner. Tickets will not be issued to children.

Set sail at twilight and cruise down river from the arts precinct, past Melbourne’s Ports and Docklands while you take in the shipping channels and marvel at luxury homes! Then, head upstream for a scenic route along the Botanical Gardens, Melbourne Park and Herring Island, with lush greenery and beautiful natural landscapes along the banks. Sip on beverages available for purchase on the Bar  during your two-hour journey while you’re entertained with some calm background music.

Nexus has a pass to Melbourne cruises

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