Restart TBC VFL Sandringham FC

Restart TBC           VFL Sandringham FC

Restart TBC VFL Sandringham FC

Representatives of eight VFL clubs will meet the AFL this week as they attempt to develop a plan that could see the state league competition continue in some form in 2020.

The five standalone VFL clubs and the three clubs with AFL alignments – Box Hill Hawks, Sandringham Zebras and Casey Scorpions – are all keen to explore every avenue in the hope they can restart the season and are developing a proposal for the AFL to consider.

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The Sandringham Football Club has a long, proud and successful history in the VFA/VFL competition. Sandringham was admitted to the VFA (Victorian Football Association) in 1929, 2 years after lodging an application to join the competition. The yellow, black and blue colours of the Sandringham jumper were made up of colours taken from the three local sides that combined to make up the club. The yellow came from the Sandringham Amateurs, Black from Black Rock & Blue from Hampton Amateurs. 

The ‘Zebra’ name was started by Jim Blake, a Melbourne top-liner who wrote about the VFA for many years during the time of the clubs start in the competition. 

During Sandringham’s existence in the VFA/VFL competition, the club has participated in 15 Grand Finals, winning 10 and losing 5. The most successful period for the Zebras was throughout the mid-2000s where the club won 3 successive premierships under Coach Mark Williams. 

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