Nuwork Theatre

Nuwork Theatre

Nuwork Theatre

19 July 2019

What makes Nuworks distinct from most other ‘not for profit’ theatre entities?

We regularly CREATE and perform new works.

We tour internationally.

We own our performance space.

​Nuworks has performed consistently for the past twenty eight years under the artistic direction of David Dunn, its founding member.

We are based at MILLS STREET WAREHOUSE, 6 Mills Street, Cheltenham, Melbourne, Australia.

​Over the years, we have largely produced new works written and directed by David.

These have tended to be social and political in nature with a strong didactic intent.

We also perform plays from Shakespeare to Brecht and contemporary musicals, RENT and Pink Floyd’s THE WALL.  

​Nuworks has toured overseas to Japan, France, Germany, and extensively around Great Britain – including 5 star performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

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