Kids Activities – Kookaburra Kids

Kids Activities – Kookaburra Kids

Kids Activities – Kookaburra Kids

The Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation supports young people aged 8 -18 years. Our unique programs are offered free of charge and are clinically designed to mix mental health education with fun!

Please feel free to pass on my information to any defence families you think maybe interested in our programs.

Kookaburra Kids has some great activities free activities coming up, with the details attached to this email. Let me know if you can’t access them.

Any help in promoting this in any of your newsletters would be much appreciated. Also, if you have any people in mind who would benefit from these programs, please feel free to refer them through (with parent permission) to the following link or if you give them my details, I am happy to have a chat to them and help with the referral process.

In the meantime, have a look at what we offer.

CAMPS – Our 2-night camps provide young people with opportunity to participate in recreational activities and chat group – a facilitated discussion that creates an opportunity to connect, share their experiences and learn about mental illness and how it affects families; whilst discovering and improving their coping skills and resilience.


ACTIVITY DAYS – Activity days are held regularly and provide an opportunity for young people to have fun, connect, improve mental health literacy and help-seeking behaviours. All activity days include Chat Group and ensure our Kookaburra kids feel consistently supported.


CONNECT -Delivered online making it accessible to all our Kookaburra Kids, no matter their location. This program has been designed to strengthen bonds between our young people, build safe and positive help-seeking behaviours, while increasing their sense of belonging and connectedness.

How do families get on program? 

Just refer via our website, or pass out my details, so I can help them follow through with the online referral form. It can be overwhelming to see the form but just keep in mind – mental health within the family can be:

  1. Young person doesn’t like new location.
  2. Young person not making friends.
  3. Mum has depression.
  4. Dad has anxiety.
  5. Mum’s away a lot.
  6. Dad has PTSD.
  7. Sister chews nails and is anxious.

The range varies, and we find every defence serving and veteran young person has gone through mental health situations. This is a program to support them and the journey here in Victoria, then when posted out they can connect with other young people around Australia. 

If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

Lauren Munro Defence Community Liaison Officer Victoria
Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation

Mobile 0460 880 363
Phone 1300 566 525

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